WhatsApp Community Vs. Group!

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WhatsApp Community Vs. Group!

A recent hype among a lot of WhatsApp users today is the communities that one can create by merging together various groups.

But this may bring many questions to the minds of new people who wonder about the need for this when you can do it with a WhatsApp group.

Well, the main benefit of this, for one, is that a community is larger, sparing you from the need to post the same message over and over again to different groups.

You can have an entire neighborhood or an institution, or a community, and this makes it very convenient to pass on announcements that would otherwise have to go from group to group.

What’s Special About A Community?

A single community can consist of 50 WhatsApp groups, and every member of the group will be a part of the community once a community chooses to add a particular group.

This way, a school can have groups with mothers from different classrooms to create a community of all moms in the school.

So, one can only imagine the relief on the part of the school’s principal.


Can I Still Enjoy My Privacy?

Of course, groups within the community can still carry on with their own independent conversation, and the community will not interfere here with the privacy of these groups.

This way, one need not worry about being added to a WhatsApp community, for he can still enjoy the private chats and conversations as earlier in the group.

So, when you join a telugu whatsapp group, you can still carry on with your Telugu jokes in private, and they won’t be shared with the community at large.

In other words, a community is nothing but a group of WhatsApp groups, all of which come together under a single roof. It is more like a broadcast, where you have admins acting as news anchors on the group.

Community Groups For the Future!

So, in the end, we can say that while families, office teams, and other such smaller circles would benefit more from a WhatsApp group, a community is a great feature that one can enjoy today when it comes to large parties, entire organizations, and so on.

While groups can be used to keep in touch and discuss some important topics, communities can be a great help by way of frequent updates and announcements, planning big events that are going to involve various teams, and spreading some important and urgent news around the entire neighborhood.

Of course, this has not reached all parts of the world, but WhatsApp is still working on this, so you can have it in your country too.



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